It’s been quite the journey. Being a student of Interpersonal Communication, along with the life-changing liberal arts curriculum at Wheaton, has equipped me to leave the shadow of Blanchard Tower with something invaluable – a newfound ability to grow through a desire to continue learning for the rest of my life. Curating the material for this portfolio has been cause for some major reflection, and my final personal credo for my future life as a communicator reflects the kind of integrative thinking I have learned to love at Wheaton.



My professional growth at Wheaton has also been substantial. Coming into the school, I had a resume listing my experience with landscaping, waiting tables, and athletics. Going into the workforce, my resume now consists almost entirely of professionally meaningful experience gained during my four years at the school.


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Wheaton College changed my life. The liberal arts changed my life. Interpersonal Communication changed my life. I have so radically grown during my time here that I may not ever truly understand the full extent to which I am different because of this place.

Hi, everybody. My name is Alex Dooley, and I am a graduate of Wheaton College. My experience over the last four years at Wheaton may not be particularly special or different compared to that of other people, but it is my own, and it has made me a better person.



Thank you for reading. Alex maintains public accounts on both Twitter and Instagram – follow him if you would like to remain updated on his life beyond this site.

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